Bad Day at Big Blue

Today sucked. Bigtime! For me it was the culmination of one of the worst weeks that I’ve ever had in all my 33 years covering sports. It began with one of the classiest athletes losing his job. And it finished with two very good men being fired. There’s no disputing that the Eli Manning benching could’ve and should’ve been handled better. But it wasn’t. So the outcry over it reached epic proportions. The only one who actually seemed to handle it well was Eli himself. But whether you like Ben McAdoo or not, he did not make the decision to save his own ass. He did it with the belief that he was doing what was best for the Giants. Unfortunately, what could’ve gone wrong for Ben this season did go wrong. So now he’s out of work. But don’t bet on him being out too long. As for Jerry Reese, what can you say? We’ve watched a man grow up in the Giants organization dating back to 1994. He now leaves after 23 years having helped place two Super Bowls in the showcase at the team’s facility. He too won’t be out of work too long. Again, just like Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese never made a move that in his heart he didn’t believe wasn’t in the best interest of the Giants. Possibly to their detriment in this town, Ben and Jerry weren’t self promoters. Warm and fuzzy is not their trademarks. And once things started to go south on them, their hard work didn’t matter to fans and media. But they understand the business they’ve chosen. The bottom line is winning and 2-10 just doesn’t cut it. So as we approach the holiday season, two good men are unemployed. Not the best of time for their families. But it’s not just the McAdoo and Reese families that are affected. I just counted 19 assistant coaches in the media guide. That means 19 families around this upcoming holiday season don’t know what lies ahead for them. If a new GM and head coach want to clean house, they’re out of work too. And then there’s other front office people and scouts was well. When people get fired there’s always collateral damage. So please don’t rejoice in what just happened. It’s nothing to be happy about. Just move forward and hope for the best for all parties concerned. Go Giants!

Boone or Bust

Aaron Boone is a new major league manager. Not just a manager of any team, but manager of the New York Yankees. Arguably the most famous sports franchise in this country’s history. Yet he gets the job with no managerial or coaching experience whatsoever. Boone’s supporters say he has wonderful communication skills. They say he’s a peoples person. They say he’s a wonderful man. They say that he’s a fun guy with a great sense of humor. They say that he loves baseball. I have no reason to doubt any of these nice things people are saying about Aaron Boone. And yes I’m fully aware that he comes from a great baseball family. But I have one big question. What the hell is Brian Cashman and the Yankees thinking? I still haven’t been able to wrap my mind around why Joe Girardi was let go. Because he lacked communication skills with young players? Really? This is the propaganda BS we were served when Joe was bid farewell. This is what we were told about a man who had just led a young team in transition to within one game of the World Series. Okay. It’s Cashman’s bat and ball. His team. He’s the GM. I get it. He wanted to go in a different direction. But that direction leads him to man who has never ┬ámanaged or coached in the major leagues? This I don’t get. Do you remember back in 1996 when Joe Torre was hired by the Yankees? The back page of the Daily News had it plastered “Clueless Joe”. Well, this time I see it as Clueless Cash. I just hope it works out for Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone the same way it worked out for Joe Torre. Best of luck guys.

A New Beginning

Hello everyone. This is a new beginning for me. And for you too. My very first blog. But this one is really just to let you know what will be coming in the days ahead. While I’ve made my reputation in covering sports for 33 years and telling it like it is, we’ll be talking about any and everything. Sports, politics, topics of the day. Whatever is on my mind and what I think is on your mind. That’s what you’ll see here. You may agree with me or maybe not. But either way you’ll get it straight. No punches pulled. One thing is for sure, though. With what’s going on in our society these days, there’s plenty of topics to be taking punches at. When will I blog? When there’s something to say. So stay tuned and you’ll be hearing from me very soon!